Program Description

  • The Pre-Media (Media & Communications Fundamentals) Program is an ideal transition from high school to college. Replacing the now non-existent Grade 13 in Ontario high schools with a media and communications focus, this Program is a consummate course of study.
  • The intention of this thorough two semester Certificate Program will be to give students a strong foundation in the fundamentals of writing, communications and visual media.
  • Strong emphasis will be placed on developing and perfecting verbal, written and visual communication skills.
  • Major modules in the Program will include Presentation Skills, Creative Writing & Storytelling, Creative Problem Solving, Photography, Design Fundamentals and Media as an Art Form.
  • Perfect for graduating secondary school students with an interest in communications and media, the Pre-Media Program offers a variety of subjects from several disciplines from both our Schools of Media and Marketing and Creative Arts and Animation.
  • The Pre-Media Program will lay an ideal groundwork for further study in several of our Schools of Media and Marketing and Creative Arts and Animation Diploma Programs with a focus towards media and communications, writing, and visual media.
  • Students will also explore ways to improve their communication and presentation skills in preparation for their application(s) to the program(s) of their choice.

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