Program Preparation - MFD102

This course will equip students with an understanding of the various programs offered within the Schools of Media and Marketing and Creative Arts and Animation Arts.

Students will also learn about the application and importance of both team and group work and cooperation, and the necessity of working closely in a collaborative way with various team and group members on the wide variety of projects in the communications industry. Communications, as well as fact-finding interview techniques, will be covered.

A better understanding of self will make possible the opportunity for students to understand their individual personality preferences, and in turn, make an informed start for their scholastic path.

The MFD102 Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss facts and concepts dealing with the communications industry.
  • Research and explain advertising and literature supplied by the School of Communication Arts in current publications, relevant reviews, promotional materials and on-line materials.
  • Discuss and explain the current trends and future possibilities in the media and communications industry.
  • Develop an understanding of career opportunity networking techniques.
  • Display an ability to execute basic research methods.

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