What is Seneca College's Policy on Plagiarism?

Section 8.8 of Seneca College's "Academic Policy 2002/2003" clearly states the College's policy on the topic of "Cheating and Plagiarism":

Cheating and plagiarism are offenses which will not be tolerated by the College. Such offenses occur when a student misrepresents his or her performance on any form of academic evaluation including, but not limited to, written assignments, lab experiments, group projects, tests or examinations.

The penalty for the first offense of cheating or plagiarism ia a grade of "O" on the work in which the offense occurred.

The penalty for the second offense of cheating or plagiarism is immediate expulsion from the college for the remainder of the semester or longer, depending on the circumstances.
The student has the right to appeal the decision of the College consistent with Academic Policy.

A record will be maintained of each cheating and plagiarism incident and the offense will be recorded as a comment on the student's transcript.

The procedure for dealing with Cheating and Plagiarism is found is Appendix E (Academic Policy 2001/2001, p. 6).

The Procedures for Enforcement of student violations of the Cheating and Plagiarism policy are as follows:

When plagiarism or copying is suspected, the professor will meet with the student or students. If the professor is not satisfied with the student'(s) explanation, the professor will record the incident, with evidence attached, on an "Academic Dishonety Report" and forward it to the Program Co-oordinator/Student Advisor who will convene the Promotion Committee to review the circumstances of the incident. The Promotion Committee will provide its decision in writing to the student, with copies to the Program Co-ordinator/Student Advisor and to the student's file. In order to track the number of offenses, the offense will be recorded on the student's academic record (Academic Policy 2001/2001, p. 13).

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