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Co-op Information Sessions

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Co-operative Education Information Sessions and testing are offered every semester for CNS/CTY students.  Only second, third and fourth semester students will be allowed to apply to co-op.  Because there is never a guarantee that you will be accepted into the co-op program the first time you apply, I highly encourage students to apply in their second semester so if they are not admitted they will have other opportunities in later semesters.  Fourth semester students (i.e. those students who will be completing all fourth semester requirements by the end of the semester in which they apply) not admitted into co-op will not have another opportunity to do so.

Sessions for LUX students are offered in the fall semester.

IFS students need not apply to coop as it is a mandatory part of your academic curriculum. As long as you meet GPA requirements you will attend the CPP600P course in the winter of your sixth semester.

<>Upcoming information sessions for the current academic semester will be listed on the cs Homepage under announcements.

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