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Important Student Bulletins:

Please check the announcements' section of the cs Homepage for current semester coop information session dates and CPP100P course listings.

Hi!  Welcome to my course web page.  My name is Elizabeth Piergeti and I coordinate the CTYC (Computer Systems Technology - Diploma) , LUX (Linux/Unix System Administration - Post Graduate Certificate) and IFS (Informatics and Security Applied Degree) Co-op Education programs at the Seneca @ York Campus.  Please visit our co-op education site for more information.

The co-operative education program is a partnership between the student, the educational institution and the employer, where every participant comes out a winner.

Co-operative Education is a very worthwhile program to participate in and I hope your time in the program will prove fruitful and exciting.  I've included information that will help you achieve a professional looking cover letter and resume, and tips and techniques on how to pull off a winning interview.  I hope as a coop student, you enjoy this exciting and career changing experience!

Where can I be found?

Seneca @ York Campus
Room T2076
416-491-5050 extension 3350
fax: 416-661-4034

This web page is Copyright protected and maintained by Elizabeth Piergeti.  Last updated:  January 8th, 2009