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Welcome to Seneca College--communications!  I've been a professor at Seneca since the dinosaurs walked the earth--and much of that time has been spent teaching writing skills to college students to insure success in their other subjects and to open career doors that require communication skills.  I've also taught English as a Second Language.  My first foreign language is Japanese; second is Chinese.  I've studied 5 other languages, but that, too, was when the earth's crust was hardening!

My BIG interests include travel and learning about other cultures, and also sports, especially skating--hotdogging on rollerblades and ice.   Bev's Bio on PowerPoint

Here's where to find me:

Faculty:      General Education
Room:          B 3012   
Phone:         (416) 491-5050 Extension 6701
Fax:               (416) 491-5762


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