Effective Business Presentations
Assignments and Projects
Revised - May 2004


15 Points
.  Due throughout the semester - forums, etc.


  5 Points
Due Week One
2.  BUSINESS AND MARKETING WEB RESEARCH REPORT  10 Points Due Week Seven (first class of the week)
3.  POWER POINT PROJECT ONE  15 Points Due  Week Four (printed version) 
    Presentations to be completed during week four
4.  POWER POINT PROJECT TWO TEAM PRESENTATION  20 Points .  Due Week Seven (printed version due first class of the week)
Presentations to be completed during week seven.
5.  TEAM WEB PAGE PROJECT 20 Points . Due Week Ten (printed version due first class of the week
Presentations to be completed during week ten
6.  WEB PAGE PORTFOLIO  15 Points . Due Week Thirteen (printed version due the first class of the week.
Presentations to be completed during week thirteen.

PARTICIPATION POINTS (15+5 Points)  includes attendance, participation in class and the following:
1. STUDENT HOME PAGE Using the student tools in BlackBoard, create a student web page with text, appropriately sized graphic and three links. .
2. Binder - Keep a binder of your incredible experience with technology,  accomplishments, technical frustrations and success. 
3. FORUMS You are asked to contribute to the BlackBoard site Forums weekly. You may start a new thread or respond to someone else's posting. Quality of posting is considered when awarding points. 

Assignment 1: Get to know your MySeneca website. When you have taken the tour you will do the forum on Goals and "A" Students and you will create a student web page.   There are 10 forums that count towards participation. Those 10 are worth 2 points each. Other forums are either team forums or optional forums. 

Go to WORD and create a message to the class. Remember to use the spell check tool before you copy and paste your message into FORUM ONE: Introductions. In the message put the following three parts (in three paragraphs)
1. Introduce yourself to the class
2. Tell your goals for this course
3. Describe what it takes to be an A student for this course. 
4. Post this message in Week One Forum at the MySeneca site for this course.
5. Create a STUDENT WEB PAGE.  Go to tools at the MySeneca site, click on Edit your Home Page. Fill in each text box with information about yourself. Upload a small graphic and describe three links. To check your work, go to the Roster link in Communications and put in your last name.

Assignment Two:  MARKETING WEB RESEARCH REPORT - (10 points)

  1. Examine 5 BUSINESS web sites on the same subject (cars, cosmetics, music, etc.). 
  2. From these 5 sites, choose one that you think is the BEST business site. Also choose one 
      that you think is the LEAST EFFECTIVE. 
  3. Write a report to compare and contrast these two sites. Reports are to be approximately 500
      words - double spaced, word processed. Size 12 font. Aril style font. 
  4. Include a list of the URLs for all sites you visit and for this report and highlight the two you
       chose to write about. 
  5. Write an introduction to your report and a summary/conclusion. 
  6. In the report, please include comments on the following points: 
            First impressions: design, layout, graphics, fonts, colours, etc. 
            Navigation - ease of use, links 
            If material is current and up to date 
            Problems observed - difficulties, hype, misleading materials 
            Useful applications for customers and other site visitors 
  7. Check the spelling of your report before printing. 
  8. For full points, please prepare your paper properly and submit it on time. 
  9. Include name, section and date on the cover sheet.  Staple all pages together. 
10. This paper is to be handed in on the due date at the beginning of class - check the schedule
     for the date  - do not send it as an attachment by e-mail.

The Web Site Assessment Form is a useful tool to help you evaluate the 5 business sites.
Please prepare you paper in report style. Include a cover page with your name, section number
and  date. 

Assignment Three:    POWER POINT PROJECT ONE  - Information Presentation (15 Points)
(15 points includes presentation and evaluation of project) 

  1. Create a  5  minute Power Point presentation telling us who you are. Creativity is encouraged.
  2. Each slide has a graphic and each point should be no longer than six words. You may use
  sound and animation. Be sure to test for sound levels before you present. 
  3. Printing: When you present your slide show, bring both an outline and a handout version (3 to 6 slides
  per page) of the presentation. 
  4. Print before class to hand in at the beginning of class on the due date. Please staple the
  papers together and put your name and class section in the upper right hand corner. 
  5. You will be given a Self evaluation form to fill out. This form must be completed and handed in
  at the end of class in order to receive full points. 


  • Cover Page - includes your name, course code, section number, student number and date.
  • Printed version of your presentation using  the "outline" printing feature.
  • Printed version of your presentation using the "handout" printing feature (3-6 slides per page).
  • A copy of the  Self Evaluation Form.
  • A copy of the  Presentation Feedback Form.

Assignment Four:  Power Point Project 2: Team Persuasive Business Presentation (20 points)
(20 points includes presentation and evaluation of project) 

With your team create a 10 - 15  minute persuasive professional presentation related to an original marketing idea. 

You must integrate 2 overhead transparencies into this presentation. You will also prepare and use Speakers notes  - it is recommended that you use index cards if you have to have notes while presenting. 

  • Handouts will be prepared and distributed to everyone in the class (these are not outlines or print-outs of slides but something additional to enhance the presentation. 
  • Appropriate clothing is required. This means appropriate for the subject and target audience.
  • Outline and handout version (3-6 slides per page) printouts are handed in. Please use a cover sheet and staple together all relevant papers. Be sure that the Team name and all members names and class section are on the cover sheet. 
  • Self and Peer Evaluations posted in the appropriate forum are necessary in order to receive full points. You will be assigned a team to evaluate. 

  • If you are not present when teams present, you will lose points for not presenting and for not contributing to the evaluations of yours and other teams. 
Assignment Five:  Web Project, Part 1. TEAM WEB PAGE 
(20 points includes persuasive presentation and evaluation of project)

Your team site is created using Netscape Composer (v4.79)

This project builds on ideas generated by using mindmaps and/or flowcharts. The idea is to create a web page that will serve as a resource for you and your classmates. It can be a collection of resources that you can persuade your audience to use. Each team decides on the topic and what goes into the site. You are expected to build on the plans developed though these may be modified considerably following class feedback. The basic minimum requirements are as follows: 

The team web pages have the following minimum elements:

  • a main page with a title and and introduction to the theme of the site
  • the main page has links to all pages by team members 
  • the main page has at least one graphic
  • each link to a team member page has a brief description of that link
  • the main page includes the date (with each update, put latest date)
Each member's page has:
  • a title and an appropriate graphic
  • an introduction to the focus for the theme of that page
  • links to external pages that relate to the site with brief descriptions of each link
  • a navigational menu for going to the main page and to other pages in the site
  • a link to send an e-mail message to the member who created the page
Create this page using Netscape Composer. You will publish your pages to a sub-directory created for your team - you could use your Team Name (example dragons).  For the main page of your team site, you may choose a filename that reflects the title of the project, for example bestmarket.html
The resulting URL would then be http://learn.senecac.on.ca/~username/dragons/bestmarket.html
Submit the team web page to me by email. Please follow instructions carefully.

You will be given a tutorial to learn how to develop a page using Netscape Composer.

WARNING: Before you submit your pages, please be sure that they have the following information as required by Seneca College on student web pages.  The following notice has been published by Seneca's IT Department. The disclaimer is especially important for team pages as you will be linking to external sites you may have commented on in your descriptions of the links. 

                  Student Web Pages...Disclaimer Requirement

 Web pages created and stored on College servers - as class projects or otherwise, should include the following information on the 
 web site: 

Student Web Pages...Disclaimer Requirement

Web pages created and stored on College servers - as class projects or otherwise,
they should include the following information on the web site:

     Disclaimer - a disclaimer should be included when creating web sites that may be
     representative of a business or client as per the following:

This site is a student project only. Any opinions, statements or claims expressed here are that of this site's creator and are not necessarily 
those of <insert client name>.

  Seneca College Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy

     ITAUP - The disclaimer should include a link to the College's Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy (ITAUP). The link should
     be linked to http://www.senecac.on.ca/equity/itaup.html

     Heading - the main page for a project page should have the text "Student Project" clearly displayed on the top of the page.
    Student Contact Information - The contact information on the web site should be the student's official College e-mail account - 
     e.g. student1@learn.senecac.on.ca

     Copyright Laws - Please remember that web pages must comply with copyright laws. (There are many search utilities available 
     which will find pages in contravention of copyright laws [Crawlers, Robots, and Spiders.)

Review the Team Evaluation Sheet to make sure you have covered all the necessary components.

Submit the team web page URL in an e-mail message to me Angela.Zigras@senecac.on.ca. Please follow instructions carefully. 

Assignment SixWeb Project, Part 2.  WEB PAGE PORTFOLIO
(15 points includes Information presentation and evaluation of project)

Portfolios can be done with Netscape Composer and have these basic elements:

  • A main page with good layout, readable and consistent text.
  • Main page has a graphic, an introduction and descriptions of links to other pages in the portfolio (career, interests etc.).
  • At least two additional pages are linked from the main page. One page is a career oriented page and includes your resume (do not put address and phone number - use your learn e-mail address) and three links to career related resources. The second page is about your interests and activities in order to give a potential employer a better idea of who you are. This page also has three links to sites that are related to your interests. Both pages require a title, at least one graphic, an introduction to the page and good descriptions of links found on the page.
  • All graphics on each page you create needs to be appropriately sized.
  • Navigational links to all pages and from all pages in the portfolio must be working properly. A menu of links on each page is recommended.
  • Your learn e-mail link and the latest date is at the bottom of the main page.
  • Link your portfolio to your team's project and the team site needs to feature links to each team members' portfolio. Give a clear description for each link or an appropriate label..
  • You may want to include a short bio, testimonials, letters, awards or certificates on your career page.
  • All links and graphics must be working properly. Spell check your work before completing and sending into your account.
As to the content - YOU decide the content. This project is a tool that can be used in many ways: for exploring and organizing your skills and abilities, for thinking about where you have been and where you might be going, to market yourself professionally, to share with friends and family.

The portfolio is also used as a resource collection for your career. Portfolios not only tell about you and your skills, they demonstrate your approach to creative problem-solving by the ways in which you organize and represent yourself. Your portfolio may be a model for other students. Your portfolio may also be a global passport to a rewarding career. You may create a business card with your URL to use in job search.

1. It is required that you use index.html as the file name for your portfolio. 
2. You are also required to place your portfolio on the learn server along with part 1 - the team project page. 
3. Put a link from your team's main page to your portfolio and a link from your portfolio to the team main page.
4. Keep a copy of your web work on diskette in case you want to transfer your pages to another server after the course. 
5. If your user name is mblack your URL will then be: http://learn.senecac.on.ca/~mblack

You will be given a tutorial to learn how to write and edit a page using HTML if you want to try coding your page or to edit your code when you have problems.

Review the Portfolio  Evaluation Sheet to make sure you have covered all the necessary components.

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